Why is our life so difficult? Is it because that our competitiveness is weak? The villagers worked even harder to improve their productivity.
How can I win the competition and survive?
However, as more productivity increased, the harder the competition becomes, the less the people survive, the more the number of unemployed people increase, the more the social unrest becomes serious, the more the debts of the village increase, the higher the tax rates rise.

N.B. The same applies to the international business. If one nation improves its productivity and increases its export, its unemployment rate will not rise immediately. However it might be an export of unemployment to another nation. The rise of unemployment rate in another nation may cause social unrest there and the exporter nation may need to increase its tax rates to help the other nation. If it did not help the other by increasing its tax rates, it would face the consequences sooner or later, such as, terrorism, wars and/or refugees. Just to make sure, I would like to say that the problem does not exist in improvement of productivity or free trade. It exists in blind belief like as “completion is good”, that is, an illusion. I think that there might be phobia for defeat or a shortage in the subconscious minds.

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