Afterword - picture book 'The Answer - All'

The theme of this picture book depicts how dangerously the words/concept of good and evil can blind humans.

The words/concept of good and evil work in the human mind on a subconscious level, bearing a complex of illusions. These illusions cause crimes, either directly or indirectly; various social problems; tragedies such as wars and/or terrorism and furthermore, it shuts the door to solving such tragedies. (For more details, please refer to my book, Good and Evil Addiction).

I have written this picture book with the aim of reducing these tragedies on earth.
If you empathize with this picture book, we would appreciate it if you could show them to your family and friends.

You can freely make copies of (down load/print/distribute) this picture book, so long as you do not get any monetary gains. Obtaining profit/money from this book is strictly prohibited except under our written agreement. You can also download other picture books and messages written by Jun Togo from the web below.

©Jun Togo 2006

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