A reward that comes from the acceptance as a friend by a strong nation who is afraid of that its illusion is fragile is huge. Anyone who appealed well that “Nouso is evil” could get a social honour, a higher position, the money, a property, the power, the indemnification and lost territories/ countries of Nouso depending on each standing point.
Whereas the people who were regarded as evil/friends of Nouso lost social honour, positions, the money, properties, the power, freedom, lives and territories/countries.

N.B. Just to make sure, this is not related to the followings at all - Manchukuo, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Syngman Rhee Line, the Northern Territories, Detention in Siberia, Anti-Japan movement, the mass media, Japan Teachers Union, purge from public service, historical issues and an issue of a scholar beholden to the government.

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