Some comments on this picture book "Invisible Mountain" - A story of peace, war and racism: The series about discrimination

This is a long picture book with 90 pages that illustrates a story of war and peace from the aspect of racial discrimination.

This is 18th of the picture book series of discrimination and the last of this series, although some motifs are left as extras with the theme of discrimination.

This picture book is a science fiction that illustrates the causes and psychologies of tragedies including racism, slavery, colonialism, wars and distorted peace on a remote planet.

Let me emphasize one point.

This picture book does not illustrate the judgment of right or wrong. In other words, this picture book is NOT written to claim as follows.

Which side is right? Which party has more justice? Who is bad? Who was responsible for the terrible tragedies in the past? Who are the barbarians? Who are the victims and the assailants? Which side of the people are the egoists? After all, those fellows are evil, and we are good. It will serve you right!

To criticize somebody helps relieving the stress very much. Needless to say, reducing stress is important for a human being. Actually, there seems to be many commodities that are aimed for relieving the stress in this world.

However, blaming someone is a form of attack, and it could cause to hurt the one.

I am very sorry to say this but this picture book was not written for relieving your stress, much less for your blaming /attacking someone. (The writer has no intension to claim if blaming /attacking someone is bad. This is simply NOT the purpose of this picture book.)

Instead of blaming someone, I wrote this picture book to prevent future tragedies, to reduce conflicts among people and to prevent from hurting one another.

Please do not use this picture book for the unproductive argument like "Which is bad?" Please do not use this picture book as a weapon to attack someone like "After all, they are evil!"

Instead of the above, I would like to ask you to use this picture book as a tool to think like "What is the cause of tragedies and how can we reduce the cause and prevent from the future tragedies? And what can I do for the purpose?"

With regard to the terrible risk of the illusion derived from good and evil, we have repeatedly discussed in our web. If you have anything unclear about good and evil mentioned in here, please read the other picture books on our web site.

Let me emphasize this again; this picture book is a science fiction not related to the real world.

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# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Invisible Mountain