Some comments on this picture book "Escape from Nightmare" - Psychology of racial discrimination

The theme of this picture book is about the psychology related to racial discrimination, such as slavery, slave trade, apartheid, eugenics, ethnic cleansing and obscurantist policy on the stage of a faraway planet.

Why did it turn out like this? Behind its scene, what was the fear and what was the world view that was distorted by good and evil addiction?

When you regard the racial discrimination as a delusion that is made in order to escape from the real world, it would naturally be a makeshift. If one relies on a makeshift, he/she will maturely feed it and it will stay forever, although it is a makeshift.

Like in the midst of a night mare, no matter how desperately one tries to run away, he/she will be chased after. He/she might be pursued to his/her remotest descendants.

This picture book is a fiction and not related to this earth. Before reading this picture book, please read this series from the beginning in chronological order to avoid any misunderstanding / confusion.

Escape from Nightmare in PDF
Escape from Nightmare in Japanese (悪夢からの逃走)   

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Escape from Nightmare
Jun Togo