Some comments on this picture book: Minorities in a village:: Democracy? - 2

There is a well-known phrase, "the greatest happiness of the greatest number".
Do you think if the system of majority rule serves the purpose?

In the system of majority rule, the majority makes the decisions. So it seems that majority rule directly supports the greatest happiness of the greatest number. Needless to say, such cases naturally exist.

However majority rule does not always 'ensure' the purpose. For example, if one thinks "when something was decided democratically by majority rule, the greatest happiness of the greatest number is automatically guaranteed", this would possibly be an illusion.

The picture book, "Sunglasses", is which I wrote as a preparation for the "Democracy?" series. If you believe that democracy is a sacred and inviolable ideal, then please refer to "Sunglasses" before reading the "Democracy" series.

This picture book is the 2nd of the "Democracy?" series.


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(2)Minorities in a village
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Democracy? - 2
Minorities in a village
50 faces of the villagers
Jun Togo