Some comments on the picture book "Please Wait"

Time is needed for a flower to bloom. Time is also necessary for a child to grow up and time is needed for lovers to deepen their love.
If you dream to heal people’s good and evil addiction and to make a gentle harmonic society, much long time would be necessary. How much distance must the humans travel until they spread Wa on the earth and achieve eternal world peace?

At this moment, we may see only darkness. But we can have a dream towards the future (once we choose to do so), and believe in it. If we stop believing, we cannot avoid the fear, but if we do, we can wait in trust.

If achieving your dream is impossible today, then what about tomorrow? If that is still impossible, then what about in 5 years, in 10 years or even in 100 years or in 500 years, someday, perhaps…
There is no need to hesitate to have a dream. If you do not limit yourself, light of hope will come. Staring the light from a faraway star, believing, waiting, praying and you can live with a smile in the darkness.

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"Please Wait" in Japanese (待って)

Please Wait
a bud

Jun Togo