Some comments on this picture book: If your loved one is killed::Whom to take revenge on

If your loved one is killed, whom you will take revenge on?
This is the theme of the picture book.

It is very natural for the victims of crimes and their families to get hurt deeply and upset. Further more, it may also be natural for them to have the desire for revenge.

However, there is also something which is not natural. There is a big room for an artificial thing, namely, a choice. It means whom to take revenge on. In other words, where one directs the natural anger caused from a crime. If he/she thinks there is no room for a choice, it might be an illusion.

Where to direct the anger against?
In this picture book, we are talking only about the families of murder victims including a scene of criminal court, but the theme may apply to other crimes, such as abuse, terrorism and/or war, too.

A pair of glasses is painted in this picture book. The writer drew it as a symbol of the cause of crimes, rather than something individual and specific. Each crime or tragedy such as abuse, terrorism and/or war may have each pair of glasses (=causes/motivations) respectively. And there may be a common cause among each different cause.

By the way, a pair of glasses, which is the symbol of good and evil illusion, appears in the picture book "Magical Glasses". Please read it as well for further reference.

Some of the contents may be disturbing. We recommend parental guidance for minors.

If your loved one is killed
- Whom to take revenge on -
spell for revenge
Jun Togo