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-What is the cause of sudden anger?-
a young man with anger
Jun Togo


Some comments on the picture book "Pacifism?" - The psychology of pacifism, nonviolence, street killings and illusion

There is a saying "pacifism causes wars". I don’t know the original meaning but inspired by the words, I drew this picture book. Actually, once trapped by the illusion of good and evil dualism, great ideals like pacifism, nonviolence and renunciation of war may work reversely to their original purposes, no matter how great the ideals are.

What I drew in this picture book is the illusion of right and wrong, which may lead one to a street killing. It is about the danger that one regards anger that is a natural feeling as evil and oppresses the emotion. This psychology that is to regard anger as bad and to oppress it may be observed commonly in the cases of many bullied children.

The illusion of good and bad enters into every corner of people's minds, make them warp and make the human relationships complicated in all aspects of their lives. Though a street killing is an extreme case, the writer believes that the viewpoint of the illusion of good and evil is critical when one considers the psychology of a sudden rage.

After all the aim of our peace-picture books movement is world peace. However we do not think it is a movement to advocate, "Peace is good and a war is bad." (Needless to say, we do not claim, "Peace is bad and a war is good", either.)

We are not interested to classify peace and war in right or wrong. Our activity is not for classifying things into good or bad and advocating the judgment. We believe that our movement is the activity to spread the awareness of the illusion of good and evil which is the cause of various tragedies like bullies, wars and crimes, and eventually to establish a milder world and societies.

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