Some comments on this picture book "Water and Detergent" - The Picture book series related to Discrimination

This is the second picture book in the series about "Discrimination".

The word "discrimination" does not come out in this picture book either. Please also regard this picture book as a part of the introduction. Though this picture book is a mere introduction, it actually illustrates very important theme that is common to the entire peace picture books.

I believe that some of the readers are aware of the fact that we repeatedly refer to "illusion" including the illusion of good and evil, and the illusion of love in our picture books. It does not mean that the writer intends to impose his values on the readers, that is, having an illusion is bad. Having an illusion, in other words is having a wrong recognition. If you have a wrong perception, you cannot get what you wish for.

Isn’t it the reason that the human beings cannot get what they wish for (such as peace, dream, harmony and happiness) but instead get only what they do not want (such as terrorism, wars, poverty and abuses)?

The reason our picture books repeatedly refer to the psychology of illusion is that the writer also urges to wish the human beings to get what they wish for.

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Water and Detergent in Japanese (水と洗剤)

Picture books about discrimination

# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Water and Detergent
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Jun Togo