Some comments on this picture book "Reproduction in Process" - Hate cime and discrimination


This picture book is one of the series of "Discrimination" and a sequel of the picture book "Space Pagans". We will discuss about one of the causes that make discrimination to remain.

Discrimination is caused by a mistake of the recognition towards others, which is emphasized in this series of discrimination.

In general, the mistake of recognition is revised automatically when one deepens his/her understanding from three dimensional aspects. Conversely, without this "process of the understanding," this recognition will not be revised ". In other words, discrimination will stay as it is.

If one shouts a slogan such as "Discrimination is bad" and if he/she is satisfied with the advocates without making any efforts to deepen the understanding of others who are discriminated, the misunderstanding of recognition will stay and the discrimination will also stay as it is. Needless to say, tragedies like hate crimes which are caused by discrimination, will also stay.

This picture book is a fiction based on a remote planet, the characters are aliens and it is not related to any religion on this earth.

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# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Reproduction in Process

Reproduction of discrimination in Process
Jun Togo