Some comments on this picture book "Is Discrimination Bad?" - The picture book series related to discrimination

This picture book is one of the picture book series about discrimination.
Many people advocate "Discrimination is bad!", "Stop discrimination" and "Protect human rights." However, discrimination does not disappear easily. Why? Because many causes surely exist. 

In this picture book, we will illustrate one of these causes that make discrimination unchangeable.

The basic setting including the characters of this picture book has succeeded from "A Bad Good man 1-4". If the setting of this picture book is difficult to be understood, please read "A Bad Good man 1-4" before reading this picture book.

Is Discrimination Bad? in PDF
Is Discrimination Bad? in Japanese (差別は悪!?)

Picture books about discrimination

# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Is Discrimination Bad?
Discrimination is bad!
Jun Togo