Some comments on this picture book "Discrimination and Escapism"

We illustrate a human psychology of the following: One makes a delusion to recognize the other people as monkeys in order to escape from the real world and consequently, racial discrimination becomes remained.

This picture book is the 15th of the series of discrimination.

This picture book is written for the readers who have already read the previous 14 picture books in this series. In particular, the following 3 picture books have common setting and scenes with this picture book, so please read them prior to this picture book.

  Water and Detergent / Space Pagans / Nervous at First Meetings

This picture book is a fiction based on a remote planet, which is not related to this earth.

Discrimination and Escapism in PDF
Discrimination and Escapism in Japanese (差別と現実逃避)   

Picture books about discrimination

# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Discrimination and Escapism
Jun Togo