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The human race is sometimes cruel and violent.
Hundreds of thousands of people including babies who knew nothing were killed indiscriminately by bombings, poisonous gas and other terrible weapons within a second.

Surely, there is a sense of discrimination hidden behind the cruelty of such massacres that might wipe out all the population in a certain country.  

Whenever such slaughters become public, people lose confidence towards the human race. A serious question may be raised if a human being is a hopeless defective product.

It is easy to imagine that such recognition will lead to nihilism, Epicureanism and despair. The effort to achieve world peace would also naturally be judged useless.

This picture book is our attempt to spotlight the mental cause of this cruelty.
In a cruel act such as indiscriminate bombing or genocide, we believe that there is psychological discrimination (= distortion of recognition) and its cause exists.

It is our pleasure if you could sense a hope that the human race is really not a defective product.

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# This picture book is one of Discrimination series.
Perfect Strangers
Jun Togo