The captain slapped his teammate.
From the manager
Obviously, it was not so strong to actually hurt him, since the intention was merely to improve his concentration.

The writer makes no assertion at all about good and evil regarding corporal punishment in the field of sports education.

However, there may be some of the readers who do not understand the purpose of the smack, so that I would like to explain the manager's intention.

If you are slapped by someone when you are tired and sleepy, adrenalin is released into your bloodstream by the shock and you may get awake. If you get wake, you can focus more. High concentration is important for improving sports skill and also for preventing injuries.

However, if parties concerned do not have this sort of 'agreement' regarding corporal punishment, a smack may be considered as an unfair barbaric act.

I repeat, I make no assertion at all about good and evil here regarding corporal punishment.

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