Some comments on the picture book, "Attack orders circulated around the globe";Orders called Good and Evil -2

This picture book is the second of the series, 'Orders called Good and Evil'.

World peace has not been achieved yet though there are so many people wishing it.

When your turn your eyes to the causes, you may understand that it is quite natural not to be able to achieve world peace.
If a cause is left as it is, the outcome won't be changed. In other words, if you work with a cause, you will be able to change the result.

Let's change the world together.

This picture book is not about the teachings of any religions.

Orders called Good and Evil

(1)Who is really bad?
(2)Attack orders circulated around the globe
(3)Good & Evil/Love & Hate
(4)What is right?
(5)You can punch
(6)You can scorn
(7)You can cheat
(8)Evil is evil
(9)Attack Orders Unlimited
(10)Kill or Be Killed

Orders called Good and Evil -2

Attack orders circulated around the globe
nternational conference

Jun Togo