Some comments on "Magical glasses": the psychology behind the cause of abuses, hate crimes and wars

This picture book explores the cause of abuses on a broad scale and the psychology of their bystanders.

'Abuses on a broad scale' refers to a one-sided attack by a strong party (majority) against a weaker one (minority). This may include the following:

Needless to say this, violence in the classroom and carpet-bombings are totally different events.
However, from a psychological viewpoint, I believe that embedded in these two events is a common belief/illusion. And there would be bystanders at these cruel scenes of abuse or wars, those who refuse to see the startling truth.

I am appalled by the suppression of stronger parties against weaker ones that seems never-ending in our society. Yet so many merely look on blindly or give silent approval to these attacks.

It is natural to have these doubts and leaving them as they are could lead to the loss of faith in the human race.
However, there is a reason behind this. There is no need to lose faith in humanity.

I hope you can empathize with the psychology of ordinary people in this picture book and realize the horrible dangers of neglecting the root cause of abuses.

Magical glasses
Magical glasses - a picture book of which theme is on the psychological cause of abuse, hatred, wars...
Jun Togo Edited by B.Blue