One day, the scientist was approached by an old woman.
"Poor soul, I feel thy suffering. To ease thy pain, that which you can't feign, takes but a flower for those whom you've slain. "
"Huh, a flower?", replied the drunk scientist.
"That is correct.
Go to their graves and place a single flower for those whom you've slain."
For a split second, the scientist stopped to listen to what the old woman had said. However, an overwhelming sense of fear seized his heart.
"That's insane! They were in the wrong! We fought the enemy at the risk of our very lives for freedom and democracy.
Many of our soldiers were spared thanks to my defoliant. It goes without saying that the enemy should be destroyed. It is the obligation of our people to fight against evil and to serve the best interests of our nation. Once defeated, you are slaughtered. Right and might go hand in hand. "
He lashed out at the old woman.
The scientist lashed out at the old woman.


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