"Are you implying I should apologize, woman? Who are you to point a finger at me! I am innocent! I have fought for freedom, democracy and for human rights and you stand before me accusing me of being immoral! I have fought for justice!!"

"I know."
"What?"a flower
"Who ever said thou wert bad?"
"Weren't you the one who told me to gather some flowers for the dead?"
"That I did. All I ask of thee is to offer a single flower for those whom thou hast slain."

"In other words, I'm bad so I must make up for all the evil acts I've committed?"
"Thou misunderstands me. All I ask of thee is to offer a single flower."

"I still can't comprehend..."
"Ne'er did I once accuse thee of evil. Why dost thou oppress thy natural sympathy towards others? Why dost thou suppress thine own love?"

"My own love?"
"Yes, thine own love."


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