The ministers all voiced their opposition.

"- If we were guilty, all we'd have to do is to confess to God."

"- What difference would it make to offer flowers to the deceased? Or dare you say you believe in the supernatural?"

"- It will have unprecedented repercussions on our national identity! People all over the planet will look down on us! Does the President dare accuse us of being unethical? Dare you incriminate us? If we apologize now, we'd be acknowledging that we are evil! Evil belongs in Hell!"

"- Exactly! When have we ever been wrong! The enemy is evil!"

"- We should waste no time in increasing nuclear weapons."

"- Yes, more and more nations are developing atomic bombs. We must stay on guard and ensure that we have more supplies than the enemy!"

"- Absolutely! It is only with the aggrandizement of nuclear weapons that we can guarantee our freedom and safety, justice, our human rights and democracy!"


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