Making it very simple, a child who hungers love makes its own fantasy world in its mind and escapes into it. In other words, it devotes itself in its imagination and tries to forget reality.

On the other hand, the only human relationship which the child knows is fear. Then love and fear are mixed up in its mind.

The child cannot face the real world even after its maturity and cannot quit playing in the fantasy world. As a result, it keeps confusing the real world and the imaginary world. Then it follows the order from the fantasy world and commits a homicide in the real world.

Mr.Ressler said in his book as follows.

{There was very little touching, emotional warmth, or training in the ways in which normal human beings cherish one another and demonstrate their affection and interdependence. These children were deprived of something more important than money - love. (Whoever fights Monsters P.117) }

Namely, the serial killers are children who grow up without knowing love, they are nobodies but victims of freezing homes.

However, even if there are some sympathetic points on their growing up process such as cold homes, if they feel pleasure directly from killing people, then we may not be able to call them anything but devils.
Answering Mr.Ressler's interview, a murderer (Mr.Ed.Kemper) told his story as follows.

{Nonetheless, in the course of the murders, there was always some detail that didn't happen as planned, or that he felt could have been more perfect. That imperfection pushed him to kill the next time. The actual act of murder, Kemper concluded, was never as good as the fantasy, and never would be.(Whoever fights Monsters P.364}

In other words, Kemper could not get the pleasure that he expected after killing and got frustrated instead. Pleasure comes from love. When genuine love flows, people feel joy. However, when you kill someone against his/her will, the love does not flow. That is to say, it is just a killer's illusion, which is, love should flow when it kills a victim.

Of course, this illusion has occurred from the imaginary world which the killer lives in. And this fantasy world had been developed by the killer to forget loneliness since he was a child yearning for love.


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