In the previous chapter, I described the possibility that good and evil is closely linked to emotions.

The reason I referred to a serial killer in exercise 1 is because I felt that they were most symbolic of evil but it was unlikely that their existence was too close to most readers. In this book I would like to avoid further individual and specific right and wrong cases but to proceed to pure theory. With regard to the individual and specific good and evil judgements which may accompany the extreme strong feelings, I would like to explain about them on another occassion.

-In this chapter I will describe in detail the nature of good and evil as well as the illusions related to it.

Though you have already finished the exercises, what I will describe may put a considerable psychological burden on some readers, I am afraid.

Actually it is very difficult to convince oneself to the deep level of one's emotions about the psychology of right and wrong.

Maybe, it is to face the hot magma that you got a glimpse of in exercise 2 and to fight against it. Please do not stretch yourself too much but proceed slowly.

If your emotional frictions reach to the point where you can hardly endure, then please stop reading this book and make it sleep until you become ready.


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