This is to say, even a murderer cannot escape from the fact of him/her being human, and therefore cannot be a real demon. The nature of killers is just a lonely weak person who has been starving for love, frightened by abuse and thus has escaped into the fantasy world.

This means he/she is not really evil.

-How do you find the above method of thinking? I hope you found it useful.
Now let me itemize the awareness of issues which would naturally emerge by taking an attitude of understanding the mind of killers from their standing points.

  • * How can you build a warm home?
  • * Why are love and fear mixed up?
  • * Does education and morality have some faults?
  • * If there are some faults, then what are they and how can you fix them?

The above sort of awareness of problems may contribute very much to the prevention of homicides.

Conversely, if you maintain a consistent attitude such as - even though it seems very natural - "To imagine a serial killer not evil? That's impossible!", and you have no alternative approach, then that alone may increase the possibility - a risk - that it will become difficult to prevent murders by understanding the motive of the murderer and by making use of the understanding, right?

Now could you try another exercise again, please?
For most readers, exercise 1 was just a theory (If you do not have victims of lust murderers nearby), and was about a happening in a very far off part of the world.

In exercise 2, I would like to choose some incidents of good and evil which are more related to you. Since they are closer to you, I am afraid that it might be more unpleasant for you to bear.

Please do not take this too seriously but challenge it moderately and lightly.
Before entering exercise 2, I will need to ask you to try the following mental work as a preparation.

My apology to this distasteful work, but please forgive me, as this is to avoid an unnecessary risk which may be related to loving good and hating evil.


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