2. What good and evil orders
  • * Do what is good, don't do what is evil.
  • * Love good, hate evil.

When someone who is emphatic with the above orders, perceives that something is good, it will mean for them to "Do the thing" "Love the thing".

This means, if recognizing that something is good or bad (no matter whether the one judges by itself, or, he/she believes the judgement by God or others), then he/she will automatically receive one of the orders, "Do it" "Don't do it" "Love it" "Hate it", naturally.

In other words, to judge by right and wrong means to send one of these orders. And to accept this judgement means to receive one of these orders.

This is to say, we can consider that this sending/accepting of orders is the first motive/purpose/effect of the use of good and evil.    

I made a list of the contents of orders carried by right and wrong, which I can think of, as follows.

This is not difficult at all. I just wrote down the breakdowns of "Do good things, don't do evil things," "Love good, hate evil."


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