Preparation for exercise 2

Please recall a person specifically whom you regard very bad.
If he/she is very evil, that is enough. You do not need to think of the worst.

- Now have you brought someone to mind?
The person whom you have chosen as evil may be one of the following for instance.

  • * Hitler (If you are angry about the tragedy of Jews)
  • * Hideki Tojo (If your family were victims of the Imperial Japanese army)
  • * Terrorists (If your close people were victims of terrorism)
  • * American president (If your friends were victims of the US bombardments)
  • * Stupid boss(If you have had a hard time at work)
  • * The bride/groom or the parents in law (If you have a problem with either)

Once you have specifically imagined someone, please attempt exercises 2.

Exercise 2

With regard to the bad one you recalled, please imagine that he/she was not evil and actually feel it as if it were true for just a moment. However, please do not stretch yourself too much.

-How was this?
The very moment when you thought that the evil one was not bad, did you sense something in your mind?
Did you have a sort of sense of instability? As an overexaggeration, it is like a feeling that the ground beneath you is falling apart or the world is collapsing. -If so, where has the volatility come from?
You may see a huge energy which even made your mind unstable.
You may have felt the existence of the red-hot magma (rage/ hatred/ fear) in the

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