The hardest part of this spiritual/peace movement - community

The difficulty of this 'Peace Picture book' movement

It is not hard at all for a reader of this web to participate in this social/spiritual movement. All he/she needs is to take a copy of the message or a picture book and send it to someone once...
The message/copy may spread out to the world, like a stone thrown into the pond making ringlets of ripples.
Yes, it is very easy to send it once. And this one time mailing is also very important, of course.

However I think it is very hard to keep this movement going. ---Very hard, I think.

Our movement is to work with the mind. Therefore you cannot directly see the outcome with your eyes.
(The eyes can hardly see the most important matters as the eyes can see only physical things. Love, heart and spirit are invisible, aren't they? In addition to this, the target of this movement is aimed towards all the people in the world. This target is so huge that it makes it harder to see the outcome.)

How many years do you think is necessary to spread the spirit of 'Wa' to all over the world and to be shared?
"Did you know that human beings used to kill each other in wars and other such things?"
"Really? Men killed each other? Why did they oppress their anger so much? Oh, I cannot believe it!"
It cannot be achieved until the above kind of conversation can take place.

On the grounds that we execute our best efforts, will it take 50 years? 100 years? or 500 years?
In addition to this, even if the result is the achievement of our movement, people may not recognize it. This is because it is hard for us to perceive the movement which works within the mind.

And this movement could involve money and is time consuming. If you cannot see the outcome and it consumes money and time, you may give up, whoever you are. This cannot be achieved no matter how eagerly you long for world peace and appreciate the idea to work with people's heart...

It means that continuing this movement is nothing but engaging in rewardless, tiring, time and money consuming work which you can hardly see its progress of for a long time.
It is like digging a long cave by a chisel (ie; Ao no domon=the blue cave *NOTE)

We believe that continuing this movement would be something great and heroic.

*Note for English readers - Ao no domon(The blue cave)

About 250 years ago in Japan, there was a dangerous route around a cliff in Oita prefecture. That was the only way for the village people to pass, so, many people dropped off and lost their lives. A monk called Zenkai dug a rock mountain and made a cave as an alternative route. When Zenkai started the work, the village men all laughed as nobody believed it was possible. It took approximately 30 years for him to complete the cave and the length of the cave was 342 meter. It was completed in 1746.You can still see some parts of the cave existing in Oita prefecture today.


I thought of how we could make the rewardless, tiring, time and money consuming work to change. Of how to improve it even slightly.
One thing I thought of was to make friends through this movement.---Let me propose this.

When you dig a cave by a chisel, you can enjoy it more with more people. It is better to have a friend. It is even better to have many friends.