We have started to print Magical Glasses. Accordingly we have closed the following donation. Thank you for those who have supported.
We may ask you similar donation again when we reprint this book. The details will follow sometime in the future.
(written on Feb 2006)

Donation for the production of 'Magical glasses'


At first, we would like to print and bind 'Magical glasses' (temporary title) as a high quality picture book.
May we ask you to support this?
We would like to print your name (contributor's names) in the picture book.

Though we are explaining the purpose of making high quality picture books in detail here 'Why picture books for world peace?' we will itemize it shortly as follows.

With regard to 'Magical glasses', of which story is the same as the one on our web, there may be some minor differences including followings.

Now regarding the production costs of the first edition of the picture book, we are seeking supporters.
We would like to print the sponsors' names who donated over Yen10,000 (approximately US$93) in the picture book.
If we could print more people's names in the picture book, this means that more people supported the message in 'Magical glasses'. In other words, the impact of message can become stronger.
We will not delete these supporters' names from the picture book, when we re-print it. This means, so long as this movement continues (the picture book exists), your name will last with the picture book and help to spread the message of Wa (harmony, peace) to the world.

As of 1st Feb 2006
Total donation Yen275,000
names who donated


We will print your name in the picture book, and once the printing is competed, we would like to mail it to you. So, please do not forget to let us know your name and postal address.

And if you prefer anonymity, please inform us.

Let's change the world together!