Some comments on the picture book, "LOVE THY CHILD" - Omnibus Picture Book Don't force love"

"A mother must love her children" "Children must love their parents" It seems that our world is full to the brim with this kind of morals related to love.
Certainly love is very important feeling. If there was no love in the world, it would become very harsh.
However, one cannot create love artificially by simple orders like "You must love". If one misunderstands and believes that he/she can force love by orders, threats or good and evil, fearful tragedies may take place.
The writer thinks that the illusion of love may exist behind the scenes of domestic violence such as child abuses, elder abuses, which take place within family members.

In other words, if you spread this simple awareness, that is, you cannot create love by orders, you may prevent many abuses without relying on punishments.

This picture book is a part of ’Don’t force love’ omnibus picture book


- The Psychology of Child Abuse -
an image of 'Love your child'
Jun Togo
Translated by B.Blue
* The image who says "Love!" is not related to a genuine god at all. The writer drew it as a symbol of many beings who order to love, such as, teachers, parents, consciences etc.
* This picture book is not about the teachings of 'Love your neighbors' or 'Love your enemies' in Christianity (The Holy bible).