Some comments on the picture book,"Love other nations!" - Omnibus Picture Book Don't force love"

This picture book illustrates similar illusion/misunderstanding about love to the other 2 picture books,'Love thy child’and‘Love thy partner'.
You cannot directly see things in one’s mind, much less things in billions of people’s deep psyches. It is hard to experiment on them or prove them. At the most you may be able to imagine them.

Please imagine that billions of people would have been victimized by the misunderstanding of 'Love can be created by orders', which is a ridiculous misapprehension in a sense, and how many people's lives would be saved by the removal of this confusion.

This picture book is a part of ’Don’t force love’ omnibus picture book

Love Other Nations!

- The psychology of war of aggression -
Love Other Nations
Jun Togo
* The image who says "Love!" is not related to a genuine god at all. The writer drew it as a symbol of many beings who order to love, such as, teachers, parents, consciences etc.
* This picture book is not about the teachings of 'Love your neighbors' or 'Love your enemies' in Christianity (The Holy bible).