Some comments on the picture book,"Love Thy Partner" - Omnibus Picture Book Don't force love"

If one misunderstands and believes that love is created by orders and falls in love with someone, then what would happen?
It is very natural for someone who loves another to want to be loved by it. If the one believes that love is born by orders, forcing and /or threats, then what he/she would do?
This picture book will illustrate how this illusion / misunderstanding of love works and causes tragedies in the field of love, such as, sexual harassments and sex crimes.

This picture book is a part of ’Don’t force love’ omnibus picture book

Love Thy Partner

- The psychology of sexual harassment -
Love Thy Partner
Jun Togo
Translated by B.Blue
* The image who says "Love!" is not related to a genuine god at all. The writer drew it as a symbol of many beings who order to love, such as, teachers, parents, consciences etc.
* This picture book is not about the teachings of 'Love your neighbors' or 'Love your enemies' in Christianity (The Holy bible).