Journey of 'Peace Picture books'

As of June 2005, we, 'Wa for the earth', began making the printed version of 'Magical Glasses' (temporary title).
We also have a plan to print and book bind other picture books on this web one by one, when we can afford to do so in the future.
With regard to the printing version of the picture books, I would like to explain briefly what sort of circulation (=journey of peace picture books) plan we have currently in our minds.

We have just finished to publish the printed version. Please visit our donation page for more details.(Feb.2006)

Not by sales but by gifts

For the time being, we do not have plans to sell the printed picture books in general book stores.
'Wa for the earth' is a nonprofit organization and its purpose of activity is to heal the human mind and to establish Wa (peace, harmony etc.) on the earth.
Therefore, we feel that the sales in general bookshops for commercial purpose is not appropriate to our picture books. (By saying this, we do not mean that we will never sell them in general bookstores. We would like to choose the most effective way to achieve our goal in due course.)

Instead of the sales in bookshops, the picture books will begin its journey from us as a present.
Firstly as a 'thank-you present' to the ones who donate to us. Secondly as a free gift to general people or groups in the world.

Beginning the journey-1; Picture books as thank-you gifts for donators

Our plans are to send a picture book as a thank-you gift to whomever donates over a certain amount of money. We would like to consider the minimum amount of money needed to send a picture book by watching our financial status.

Beginning the journey-2; Picture books as free gifts

While we send the picture books as a thank-you gift, we also have plans to present them to people or groups in the world as free gifts.
With regard to whom we present them to, we would like to choose the receivers from the most effective parties for the purpose of establishing peace in the world.

Journey around the globe for peace

We have a request to those who have received the picture books, in the case of both a thank-you gift or a free-gift.

What we would like to ask of them is to continue the journey of the picture books.
In other words, "Please do not store it away, but present the peace picture book to someone after you have thoroughly enjoyed it. " We will ask this of you when we send a picture book in our attached letter and also in the postscript of the picture books (also on this web). Because this is a very important request, we will consider how to approach this matter.
Therefore, the gifts of the picture books from us are not supposed to be the end of the journey, but the beginning of one.
So, the peace picture books circulate from people to people, travel around the world until the day when Wa/peace is achieved on the earth…

Let's begin ona journeyto somewhere, everywhereto change the worldto a happy, peacefulparadise!This is a peace picture book on the journey.

Where do the picture books go on this journey

Someday you may receive our picture book.
If you kindly donate over a certain amount , then we will send it as a thank-you gift, of course.
Or someday we might be able to present a picture book to you as a free gift from us, or you may receive it from your friend.
If this day comes, please enjoy the picture book thoroughly, and once you feel as though you are ready to part with it, then we would like to ask you to present it to someone again.

Now whom do you think you will present it to? It is your choice, of course, as this is your present. But if you do not mind, pleas let us make some comments.

What type of person do you think you are going to present the picture book to? Is it a person who will probably be emphatic with the message of the picture book? 

If so, he/she may help to spread the message to the world.
In order to expand this movement to cover the earth, we do need every individual person who is emphatic.
So please present the picture book to those who may appreciate it.

Or is it a person who closes his/her eyes, ears and mind?

Is it a person who is deluded that he/she hated evil while he/she actually hates humans.
Or is it a person of power who oppresses and kills many people and believes he/she does so for the sake of justice in his/her illusion? -You might hate him/her almost to the degree you want to kill them.
These type of people are those who need the message of picture books the most. Our picture books are especially designed in order to send a message to the people who close their minds.
So, please present these picture books to them!

When the picture books depart from you, it is very much appreciated if you could support its journey so that it can continue traveling.

And if you would like to do so, please attach your message card or you may want to enclose a hand-made bookmark, if you are good at this type of handcraft. 
It can be anything but what really matters is your love. Please enclose a lot of love with the picture books which begin a new journey from you. Instead of criticism, throwing stones, firing bullets, dropping bombs, instead of hatred.

How to find the addresses of receivers

Fortunately we can easily find out various addresses overseas via internet these days.
I will give you an example.
The following web site is the yellow pages in the USA.

If you click on 'International Yellow Pages' on the first page of the above web, you can see the yellow pages of other countries, too.

It is very much appreciated, if you think about who you will send the message/picture books to in order to effectively spread Wa(harmony, peace) on the earth.

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