We would like to explain briefly about our plan and history.

Our goal

There are various religions/philosophies/teachings on earth.
Although many of them are splendid, there may be some cases where some of them cause illusions/misunderstandings depending on how they are interpreted. It may be very dangerous to leave these misunderstandings/illusions as they are. (Please refer to our peace picture books and/or Good and Evil Addiction.)

Actually, we believe it is possible to open ways to solve and prevent most of conflicts on earth by working on these illusions/misunderstandings. (Ref; what matters is to reach people's minds)

We believe it is possible to open ways to solve and prevent most conflicts on earth by working on these illusions/misunderstandings.
Our aim is to therefore solve and prevent misunderstandings/illusions that may cause hatred or conflict, and to spread Wa (Peace, harmony, love) on earth.

In summation, we would like to create the antidote that will heal the human mind and to achieve eternal Wa in the world.

Every picture book acts as a vaccine against the misunderstandings and illusions that plague our world.

The record of our activities

In the beginning of year 2000, Jun Togo began to write his book, Good and Evil Addiction. From there he developed the plan for the peace movement 'Wa for the Earth'.

In May 2004, Good and Evil Addiction was published. We also have started our web, www. j15.org. At this time, we have 3 picture books on the web, which are 'Be Good! '(Fear of Hell), 'Which?'(Cause of hostility, solitude) and Magical Glasses (Cause of abuse, hate crimes, wars).

February 2006 The print version of Magical Glasses was published.

April 2006 Began to distribute the picture book, Magical Glasses, as a gift to the world. This was the start of a totally new peace movement, where picture books wrapped in love are presented to the world, rather than exacerbating a world already torn by hate by casting accusations on one's 'foes'.

March 2007, the English version of the website, www.peace-picturebook.org, was created

March 2008, the English version of our blog, http://peace-picturebook.blogspot.com/, was created

August 2009, Magical Glasses was reprinted.

July 2010, started Twitter.

Octorber 2010, started Facebook.

March 2012, the total of 70 picture books in Japanese have been published

Octorber 2012, our new book 2000 years' fantasy was published in Japan.

February 2013, our new book Unable to love neighbours was published in Japan.


Table of Contents

#Why picture books are used to achieve world peace
#Journey of 'Peace Picture books'
#Our goal and history



Our peace movement in Japanese (平和の絵本の運動について-世界を平和に)